The FOSSiBOT Christmas Sale Offers Big Discounts on Fossibot F2400 Solar Generator

The FOSSiBOT Christmas Sale Offers Big Discounts on Fossibot F2400 Solar Generator

Fossibot is launching a Christmas sale for the Fossibot F2400 portable power stations with massive discounts. Portable power stations are necessary if you’ve been thinking of a longer off-grid vacation, outdoor camping, and backup electricity power for power outages. It’s the best time to gift yourself and family a power station to keep a steady power backup for the Christmas season. Fossibot is offering the most cost-effective price for the Fossibot F2400 portable power station. Below, we provide an overview of the Fossibot F2400 product as well as solar generator kits discounted price.

Fossibot F2400 Brief Introduction

Fossibot F2400 is an ultra-powerful portable power station with a 2048Wh large capacity and a 2400W high-power output power which can charge 99% of your appliances. The machine adopts a LiFePO4 battery with extremely high safety performance. The supercharge technology allows you to recharge the F2400 in 2 hours by AC charge. While by AC and solar panels charge simultaneously, it only takes 1.5 hours to be fully recharged. Also F2400 supports UPS function, that means you can connect the machine between your computer and wall socket, even if the power goes off suddenly, your computer can keep working, no need to restart.

Essential Features:

  • 2048Wh Large Capacity
  • 2400W High Output Power,4600W Surge
  • Powers up to 16devices simultaneously
  • Rechargein 2Hrs by 1100W AC Charge
  • Recharge in 1.5Hrs by AC+solar panels(500W max)
  • UPS Supported
  • Compatible with two 200W Fossibot Solar Panels
  • Weighs 22kg
  • Daily life Water-resistance & Dust-proof Design
  • Collection Space on Top for Storing Cables
  • Adjustable Charging Speed


MSRP: $1699

$200 OFF Coupon: R3WGHD7QZFHG

Sale Price: $1299

Shop Fossibot F2400 on Official Website

Shop Fossibot F2400 on Amazon US 


Fossibot SP200 Solar Panel Bundle

Fossibot SP200 is a 200W solar panel which supports both Fossibot F2400 portable power station as well as other solar generators which has Anderson port, XT60 port and DC5521 charging port. It comes with Monocrystalline solar cells with up to 23.4% efficiency, making it an efficient and durable solar panel.


MSRP: $998 for 2*SP200

Sale Price: $719

Presale Fossibot SP200 on Official Website

Fossibot F2400 Solar Generator Bundle


The Fossibot F2400 Bundle includes the 2048Wh F2400 Solar Generator and two 200W Solar Panels with a high conversion efficiency of 23.4%. When combined with the two Fossibot 200W Solar Panels, you can charge the F2400 completely within 4 hours with prime sunshine and ideal orientation. SP200 can charge for F2400 even in cloudy conditions. The solar panels are durable, dust, and water-resistant, with an IP67 rating. Fossibot is now offering a massive discount if you purchase the F2400 and two solar panels together.


MSRP: $1899

Sale Price: $1499

Shop Fossibot F2400 on Official Website

Fossibot F2400 has different versions for different countries, currently they have US version and EU version, the voltage and charger standard are different. If you decided to get one for your home back up, please ensure you are choosing the right version.



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