Why UPS Portable Power Supply?

Why UPS Portable Power Supply?

What is UPS?

UPS is short for uninterruptible power supply. It is a system device that connects the battery to the host computer and converts DC power into utility power through the inverter.

It is mainly used to provide stable and uninterrupted power supply to a computer, computer network system or other power electronic devices such as solenoid valves and pressure transmitters.


How UPS works?

When the utility power input is normal, the UPS will be the utility voltage regulator to supply the load, the UPS is an AC utility regulator, it also charges the battery;

When the utility power accidentally fails, the UPS will immediately switch to battery power to supply the load by converting the DC power in the battery to AC power through the inverter conversion. The load will maintain normal work without restarting again.

The UPS can effectively purify the utility power when there is an abnormality in the utility power. It protects the load software and hardware from damage when utility power comes across failure.UPS equipment usually provides protection against both excessive voltage and too low voltage.

Why UPS?

According to statistics, 45% of computer failures are caused by power problems: power outages, power grid problems, lightning spikes, surges, frequency oscillations, voltage surges, voltage fluctuations, frequency drift, voltage dips, pulse interference, etc.; Therefore, equipping the computer with a UPS is necessary from the perspective of improving the quality of power. From the point of view of implementation, sophisticated network equipment and communications equipment is not allowed to have interruptions in power to the server as the core of the network center to be equipped with UPS, even for personal computer, to prevent data loss, UPS is also very necessary.

Not all portable power stations can support UPS, you need to check before you decide to buy it. Fossibot, with experienced engineers team, endows all portable power stations of Fossibot with UPS portable power station. The computer can automatically switch to battery power when there is a sudden power outage, so that the computer can work normally without restarting the computer, ensuring no data loss during operation.

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