Up to 10% Commission & More Bonus! FOSSiBOT Invites You to Join Affiliate!!

Up to 10% Commission & More Bonus! FOSSiBOT Invites You to Join Affiliate!!

FOSSiBOT new year sale is hot ongoing! With abundant products, FOSSiBOT launches new year sale for the first month of 2024. FOSSiBOT official website is offering big discounts for branded products to worldwide users. Meanwhile, we are giving big bonus for FOSSiBOT’s valued affiliates and sincerely inviting new affiliates to join FOSSiBOT affiliate program. Take the chance to earn more commissions and rewards!

Below are some plans to get the Rewards during the affiliate incentive campaign to thank for your continued concern!

Bonus 1. Up to 10% Commision for Selected Products

Bonus 2. For new affiliates, $5 bonus on each sale for the first 90 days.

Bonus 3. For order value above $500, $5 bonus

Bonus 4. For the whole month, when gross sales reach certain amount value, extra bonus is given

FOSSiBOT SAS Affiliate Incentive


Commision Rate

New Affiliate Bonus

Large Order Bonus

Gross Sales in Current Month

Smartphones & Tablets

5% Default

$5 Bonus on Each Sale For the First 90 Days

$5 bonus For Total Value Above $500

≥$3000   Bonus $50

≥$5000   Bonus $80

≥$8000    Bonus $100

≥$10000   Bonus $120

≥$15000   Bonus $150

≥$20000   Bonus $200

≥$25000   Bonus $250

Portable Power Stations/ Solar Generators

10% SKU level Commission

Solar Panels

10% SKU level Commission

Smart Watch

10% SKU level Commission

Golf Rangefinder

10% SKU level Commission


www.fossibot.com have special coupon codes for affiliates for easier transaction. Join in us to check coupons and exact commission value.

We welcome all you guys to join and earn more money! As always, any need or questions, feel free to contact your affiliate managers.


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