FOSSiBOT F2400 Solar Generator Kits Valentine’s Day Deal

FOSSiBOT F2400 Solar Generator Kits Valentine’s Day Deal

From Feb.14th to Feb 20th, FOSSiBOT is offering big discounts for their F2400 and solar generator kits, just start from Valentine’s day and offer in limited quantity for the bundle kits.

Fossibot F2400 is a 2048Wh large-capacity 2400W high-power portable power station supplied with 1.5-hour high-speed charging, using a LiFePO4 battery with extremely high safety performance.

2400W high power,pure sine wave AC output, can be used for high-power household appliances such as dryers, microwave ovens, refrigerators,induction cookers and electric ovens; it can also be used for other electronic devices such as personal computers.

0-100% charging can be completed within 2 hours through the 1100W ultra-fast charging of the household power socket. In addition,this product also supports 500W max solar panel charging, allowing you to charge outdoors or at home when there is a power outage. By 1100W and 500W solar panels charge simultaneously, the F2400 can be fully recharged within 1.5 hours.

Essential Features:

  • 2048Wh Massive Capacity
  • 2400W HighAC Output Power,4800W Surge
  • 16Output Ports, power 99% of appliances
  • 1100W AC Charge: full rechargein 2Hrs
  • 500W Max Solar Charge: full recharge in 4 hours
  • AC+solar panels(500W max): full recharge in 1.5Hrs
  • 5 Gears of adjustable Charging Speed: 300W/500W/700W/900W/1100W
  • Constant power by UPS Supported
  • Solar Panel connection suggestion: connect two 200W FOSSiBOT SP200 Solar Panels
  • Weighs 22kg
  • Daily life Water-resistance & Dust-proof Design
  • Collection Space on Top for Storing Cables

F2400 Single Unit Valentine’s Day Sale:

MSRP: $1699

Final Price: $1199

Coupon: RTH8RB10AZF8

Extra Bonus: one free trailer, only 10 units

Shop Fossibot F2400 on Official Website:

F2400 Solar Generator+SP200 Solar Panels Bundle

MSRP: $2298

Final Price: $1499

Limit: 50 units Limited

Shop FOSSiBOT F2400+SP200 on Official Website:

Fossibot F2400 can be used as a backup power supply in the event of a sudden power failure or a disaster, or used for camping and living power in a camper, and can also provide power for various power tools regardless of the occasion. It’s the perfect outdoor adventure companion. You can save $799 for F2400+SP200 solar generator kit in FOSSiBOT Official Sale, don’t miss it.



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