FOSSiBOT DT2 Rugged Tablet Unleashes With 22000mAh Battery 66W Flash Charge and 20+256GB Memory

FOSSiBOT DT2 Rugged Tablet Unleashes With 22000mAh Battery 66W Flash Charge and 20+256GB Memory

FOSSiBOT, a rising star in rugged technology, proudly introduces the FOSSiBOT DT2, a rugged tablet that redefines industry standards. Boasting an array of groundbreaking features, the FOSSiBOT DT2 is set to revolutionize the landscape of rugged tablets.

Top-tier Memory Configuration: 20GB RAM + 256GB ROM

Setting a new benchmark, the FOSSiBOT DT2 boasts an impressive 12GB of RAM paired with a capacious 256GB of internal storage. DT2 supports UFS3.0 & LPDDR4X in flash memory, offering more powerful performance while reducing power consumption.For enhanced functionality, the tablet features 12GB RAM with an 8GB RAM Expansion option, along with a 256GB ROM that can be expanded up to 2TB TF Expansion, ensuring ample storage for critical work-related data.


Unprecedented Battery Life with 22000mAh Battery and 66W Flash Charge

Powering through demanding workdays is made effortless with the FOSSiBOT DT2's colossal 22000mAh battery, supporting more than 75 days of standby time. The tablet's 66W Charger ensures rapid charging, fully recharging the battery in an astounding 2 hours and 50 minutes – the fastest charge among rugged tablets, surpassing others that carry a maximum of 33W. With 15 minutes of charge, the DT2 enables you to watch a 120-minute film.

 Capture Every Detail with Best-in-Class 64MP+32MP Cameras

Equipped with a Sony 32MP front camera and a remarkable Samsung 64MP rear camera, the FOSSiBOT DT2 sets the gold standard for camera configurations among 4G rugged tablets. This is the highest camera configuration available among rugged tablets. Whether documenting on-site conditions or engaging in high-resolution video conferences, users can rely on the unmatched imaging capabilities of this rugged powerhouse. What’s more, FOSSiBOT DT2 designs an irregular big flashlight, not only offers LED flash for cameras, but also supplies up to 164LM ultra-bright light source.

 Crystal Clear 10.4 2K Display and Immersive Sound Experience

The FOSSiBOT DT2 features a stunning 10.4-inch 2K Incell large view Display, providing users with a crystal-clear visual experience. Complementing the display, the tablet comes equipped with 4 Box Speakers, delivering a stereo sound experience that enhances user immersion in every task.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity and Operating System

The FOSSiBOT DT2 is designed for seamless connectivity with WiFi 6 support, offering a blazing-fast network experience. Running on the latest Android 13.0 OS, the tablet ensures compatibility with the latest applications and software.

Built Tough for Any Environment

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, the FOSSiBOT DT2 is rated IP68/IP69K Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shock-proof. The tablet also features advanced security measures with Fingerprint Unlock and Face ID Unlock, providing users with a secure and efficient means of accessing their device.

Availability and Pricing

The FOSSiBOT DT2 will be available for purchase at Aliexpress FOSSiBOT Official Store at lowest price of $239.99 out of $299.99 retail price from Dec.11th-Dec.15th. And sale on FOSSiBOT Official website for DT2 is $269.99 out of $299.99 until Dec.17th.

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FOSSiBOT is a trailblazer in rugged technology solutions, committed to providing professionals with robust devices that excel in challenging environments. With a focus on performance, durability, and cutting-edge technology, FOSSiBOT continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the rugged technology sector.


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