3840Wh Massive Capacity
Portable Power Station

3840Wh | 3600W Output | Fully Recharge in 1.5 Hours |
100V-240V World Voltage | Power All Your Needs Everywhere

Massive Clean Power Never Goes out

With the high-capacity battery, fast charging speed, and world voltage coverage of FOSSiBOT F3600. Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted power at home, on the go, and even off-grid.

Reliable and High-Capacity Power for Any Situation

Full Range AC Output for 99.99% of Devices

Power All Your Special Moments

Uninterrupted Power for Hours on End

Need help with high-wattage tools? With 3840Wh high-capacity and 3600W output, FOSSiBOT can offer uninterrupted power for hours.

Fast Recharge

Fully charged within 1.5 hours

Reliable and High-Capacity Power for Any Situation

Equipped with UPS and BMS protection, FOSSiBOT F3600 ensures your safety,
protects your equipment from damage, and avoids data loss in the event of grid power failure.

Charge Whatever You Want Simultaneously



FOSSiBOT has 2 versions in 2 voltage ranges. This picture shows the US/CA/JP version.
100V-110V: USA/Canada/Japan
220V-230V: Europe

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